The new owner welcoming patrons and opening the show.

Joan and I had a lovely table away from other people.  The experience in total was a very fun time.

This is a wide view of the theater from way far back.  It is obvious that the tables are well spaced apart for social distancing.  When you enter your assigned row section of tables you cannot "cross over" into another row section without hopping over a wall.  You can exit your row section either by walking all the way to the left or to the right.  You walk to the restrooms using the left or right row section exits.  All row sections are marked with huge 5-inch lettering.  There are hand sanitizer stations at all row section exits.

On Sunday, November 29 Joan Sweety and I visited the remodeled Suncoast Broadway Dinner Theater (a.k.a. Show Palace Dinner Theater).  The new owners had closed the theater in March and decided to do a total interior remodeling of the theater that would make it safer for patrons as well as employees.  We went to see the Christmas musical production "Plaid Tidings".  The theater had only recently opened it doors to the public.  To say the least we were impressed of how well everything worked out.  Here are some photos I took while at the theater.

When you arrive there is a cellophane wrapped salad awaiting you at  your assigned table.  Tables are called by numbers.  Social distancing is recommended when standing in line but some people did not adhere.  So it is up to you be safely distance yourself.  You do not get to touch the serving plate until the server finishes plating your food selections.  You come through the food line one way and leave in the other direction.  The menu was well thought out and very delicious.  Here is a view of the menu along with drink specials and specialty desserts.  Gone are the freebie desserts such as bread pudding, jello, and chocolate pudding.  There were others around us that ordered some of the specialty desserts, which are served at intermission.  They did look very good, but Joan and I did not indulgeThe lunch was filling enough for us.  However, I must say I did miss having a bread roll with butter with my meal.

You wear facial masks when you enter the theater and you keep your face mask on unless you are eating or drinking something.  Everyone wears a mask -- no exceptions.

The performance of  "Plaid Tidings" was delightful.  We had no preconceived expectations except we knew we were going to hear some Christmas themed music.  It was much more than that!  It was a well executed story that took you back in time to the "Good Old Days".  Believe it or not we actually got to see Perry Como and Ed Sullivan again.  See the list of songs that were part of the show.