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Citrus County Day Trippers

 Let's go traveling with the...

What is the Citrus County Day Trippers?
The Citrus County Day Trippers (CCDT) is a group of motorcoach travel enthusiasts who want to be aware of and participate in interesting motorcoach trip opportunities that are available in Citrus County.  Sharon Ziemba is the volunteer lead contact for the group.  She has selected Joan Sweety as the group’s trip advisor to arrange and coordinate trips.  You can email either Joan or Sharon from the website and view & print any flyers about current trips.

How does the Citrus County Day Trippers work?

Members of the CCDT receive email communications about new CCDT sponsored trips.  This web site will not contain links to actual flyer details to any new trips until 14 days from the trip announcement date (or sooner if the trip fills up before then).   This is a real advantage – especially when a trip has very high public appeal.  Trips are determined by the lead contact and the trip advisor using input from the membership.  It is the ultimate goal of the lead contact and trip advisor to provide highly entertaining travel experiences that are managed fairly and delivered in a safe and enjoyable manner.   

What are the Citrus County Day Trippers policies?
Seat Reservation Policy:  Before any payment is mailed in for a specific trip, interested members must make a request for a reservation for the desired trip.  No equests will be accepted until the trip has been officially announced and released through an email to CCDT members.  Requests for reservations may be submitted by a phone call, a voice message, or email message (email requests are the preferred method).  Seats on the bus are allotted based on the earliest date and time that verbal requests for reservations are made.  Joan or Sharon will contact those who request a reservation to confirm whether they have a reserved seat on a trip or not.  For members who were able to secure a reserved seat, payment is due within 7 days of acceptance of the reservation request or the seat becomes available to others.  For members who were not able to secure a reserved seat they will be given the option to be included on the wait list for the trip of interest.

Payment Policy:  Payment for any trip is due within 7 days of the acceptance of the verbal request for a reservation. Any unpaid seats after 7 business days from acceptance may then be made available to persons on the wait list in the order in which the names were added.  This process continues in effect until either the wait list is exhausted or all of the trip seats have been paid for.  Credit cards can not be accepted. 

Waiver Form Policy:  Participants of CCDT sponsored trips assume all risks and are required to submit for each trip a signed Accident Waiver and Release of Responsibility Form when payment is made.  This form is included with each trip flyer.  Multiple signatures may be submitted on one form.  Both the lead contact and the trip advisor are informed when replacements are made. Persons who are replacing others on a trip will be required to submit a signed Accident Waiver and Release of Responsibility Form.  This form does not apply to the bus company or bus driver.  Extra forms will be available at the boarding site. Waiver forms are collected prior to boarding the bus.

Trip Information:  Trip flyers contain a portion that needs to be completed, clipped, and submitted with the check for payment and waiver form when payment is made for the trip.  This portion contains critical information that is needed so that trips are planned and executed well for all travelers.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:  Each trip flyer indicates a date after which refunds will not be granted.   Cancellations made before the deadline will be refunded promptly.  We recognize that circumstances for cancellation arise that are beyond the control of travelers.  However, after the cancellation deadline final arrangements and payments have been made to our vendors to assure a successful trip, which means that there simply isn’t money available to allow refunds.  The CCDT is not obligated to find replacements for cancelled reservations after the cancellation deadline.  However, as a courtesy we make a good honest attempt to find such replacements when possible.  Wait Lists are very important for this reason.

Wait List Policy:  When an event is sold out our wait lists become extremely important.  Don't underestimate the value of being on our wait list. We have cancellations on nearly every trip.  The fastest way we can get you on the bus to an event that has been sold out is for you to reserve a spot on the wait list.  You don't pay a thing until you have been contacted and then you will be given an opportunity to confirm or deny your intent to attend. If you accept then we will make arrangements with you for making payment.  There is no risk to you to be wait listed.  So if you see a trip that you want to be included and it is sold out, please get on the wait list.  

"Ready to Go" Wait List:   If there is a trip that you definitely want to be part of but are wait listed, please consider telling us if you would like to be identified on the wait list as "Ready To Go".  We use our normal process of going down the wait list in the order that people were placed when cancellations occur except on the morning of the event.  Many times cancellations occur the morning on the day of the trip with little time to for us to make phone calls or for people to prepare for the trip.  But if you are identified as "Ready To Go" on the wait list it means that you are committing to be up, dressed, and ready to receive our phone call asking you to hop into your car to join us on our scheduled bus trip adventure. Persons identified as "Ready To Go" move up to the top of the wait list on the morning of the trip because that is a very hectic time for us and we need to know that we can fill a vacant seat as quickly as possible. We are looking for "Ready To Go" persons to be at the bus pick up location on time.  So this identification is to be used by persons seriously willing to make this commitment.  

Motorcoach Seating Policy: Seats on the motorcoach bus are assigned a few days before a scheduled trip taking into consideration all special needs (handicaps, motion sickness, etc.) of our travelers.  We take great care to seat people together who have indicated such.  We leave seats closest to the bathrooms vacant when ever possible.  Assigned motorcoach seating is a must because we are accountable for assuring that everyone who is traveling with us is on the bus when we depart.  Knowing exactly where each traveler is sitting helps us easily identify those who are missing and to manage the situation effectively. 

How does one become a member of the Citrus County Day Trippers?
It’s simple!  The cost of membership is FREE.  We will need the following information: first and last name, city, telephone number, and email address.  New trip information is quickly emailed to you as details become finalized.  To become a member, contact Joan Sweety by phone at 564-8773 or by email at or contact Sharon Ziemba by phone at 795-4693 or by email at

If you are already receiving emails of this type from Joan Sweety, then we have great news - you are already a member of the CCDT and you need not do anything further.  However, if you do not want to be a member, let us know so that we can remove your name from the email distribution list. 

All membership information is securely maintained and is solely used by the lead contact and the trip advisor to communicate trip related information.  No information is shared with others or used for other purposes.