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Publix Cooking School &

Shopping on Park Avenue  (Winter Park)



 Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view all documents. Click hereto download a FREE version for your operating system of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you have any issues with obtaining the documents needed please contact Joan or Sharon and we will email you the documents you need.

DON'T UNDERESTIMATE THE VALUE OF BEING ADDED TO OUR WAIT LISTS:  When an event is sold out our wait lists become extremely important.  We have cancellations on every trip.  The fastest way we can get you on the bus to an event that has been sold out is for you to reserve a spot on the wait list.  You don't pay a thing until you have been contacted and then you will be given an opportunity to confirm or deny your intent to attend. If you accept then we will make arrangements with you for making payment.  There is no risk to you to be wait listed.  So if you see a trip that you want to be included and it is sold out, please get on the wait list.  

"Ready to Go" Wait List identification -  If there is a trip that you definitely want to be part of but are wait listed, please consider telling us if you would like to be identified on the wait list as "Ready To Go".  We use our normal process of going down the wait list in the order that people were placed when cancellations occur except on the morning of the event.  Many times cancellations occur the morning on the day of the trip with little time to for us to make phone calls or for people to prepare for the trip.  But if you are identified as "Ready To Go" on the wait list it means that you are committing to be up, dressed, and ready to receive our phone call asking you to hop into your car to join us on our scheduled bus trip adventure. Persons identified as "Ready To Go" move up to the top of the wait list on the morning of the trip because that is a very hectic time for us and we need to know that we can fill a vacant seat as quickly as possible. We are looking for "Ready To Go" persons to be at the bus pick up location on time.  So this identification is to be used by persons seriously willing to make this commitment.  

Send an email to either contact to become a CCDT member, make trip reservations, add your name to trip wait lists, ask a question, make a comment, or submit suggestions.  Just click on either of the email addresses below to initiate an email.

Thank you to the CCDT members who sent in their photos from this trip so that this video could be made.

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What is the Citrus County Day Trippers?
The Citrus County Day Trippers (CCDT) is a group of motorcoach travel enthusiasts who want to be aware of and participate in interesting motorcoach trip opportunities that are available from departure points in Citrus County, thus enabling the passengers to have fun and make new friends.  Sharon Ziemba  is the lead volunteer contact for the group.  She has selected Joan Sweety as the group’s trip advisor to arrange and coordinate trips.  Joan and Sharon email trip related information to the CCDT members

Click here to learn more about the CCDT -- how does it work, policies, and how to become a member.

Date of Trip

Trip Description

Bus Trips in the Planning Phase

Sep 2018
Adventures in Dade City
Sep 2018
"Chicago" at the Straz Theater (Tampa)
Oct 2018
St Johns Riverboat Tour & Lunch (Sanford)
Nov 2018
Cape Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
Nov 2018
Shopping Trip at Florida Mall (Orlando)
Dec 2018
Harry B Plant Museum "Victorian Stroll" (Tampa)
Dec 2018
ICE! at Gaylord Palms Resort (Orlando)
Feb 2019
"A Bronx Tale - The Musical" at the Straz Theater (Tampa)
Jun 2019
"Come From Away" at destination to be determined

CCDT members are encouraged to make recommendations for future bus trips to consider.  However, not all bus trip suggestions may make it through the final selection process.  This may be due to a number of circumstances such as a conflicts with other scheduled bus trips, the nonavailability of buses, the nonavailability of bus escorts, and low demand for seats.  Casino trips will not be considered as these kinds of trips are readily available throughout the county.

Special Note:  We know that many of our CCDT members would very much like to see the Broadway musical "Hamilton" in 2018/2019.  We are sorry to report that neither the Orlando or Tampa performance centers are making tickets to this event available to group ticket sales.  This musical is so popular that the theaters are sure they will sell out between their many donating sponsors and season ticket holders.  We have no recourse except to wait until "Hamilton: returns to Florida again some time in the future. 

We will be announcing a new bus trip to CCDT members by email on Sunday, June 3rd.  The web site will not be updated with details and flyer until two weeks later or sooner if all seats are sold out.

Citrus County Day Trippers

Mark Your Calendars for June 3rd!

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Joan Sweety