Again, we apologize for any inconveniences that these changes may have caused to  any of you.  Please understand that we are doing our best to keep us all safe so that we may enjoy returning to our day trips again in the near future.  Keep safe and stay healthy.

This page last updated on 4/20/20 SEZ

Since the first announcement of the the outbreak of the corona virus in January and, more recently, the worldwide pandemic, we have been monitoring information that would impact our planned bus trips. 

Status OF CCDT Bus Trips AS OF 4/20/20

On April 18th we finally heard from the owners of the Show Palace Dinner Theater in Hudson that "Mama Mia" is CANCELLED.  It will take about 4 weeks to get refunds mailed out to those who reserved seats for this show.  Please be patient.  Joan will send the people who made reservations an email with instructions.

The April 26th scheduled announcement of a new bus trip is CANCELLED.  When the lock down is over we will finalized plans for a new trip and we will let you know when the announcement email will go out. 

Citrus County Day Trippers

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All refunds for "Miss Saigon" reservations were successfully mailed out to affected CCDT travelers.